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    Carnatic Violin
    Carnatic Vocal
    Hindustani Vocal
    Vedic Maths

    Please read Terms and Conditions:

    • Students should join the class 5mins before the lesson starts. If you arrive late, it may not be possible for the
    teacher to admit you to the class or you may be delayed.

    • DO NOT pass your lesson ID & password to anyone else.

    • Full attendance is expected (10 weeks), unless you are not well enough to do the class.

    • Lesson will be 55 mins only, to allow the teacher to get ready for the next class.

    • Students will be in a quiet room, free of any distractions including phones.

    • Writing equipment should be collected before the lessons start so you are not wasting any time.

    • You will join and remain on ‘mute’ unless the teacher advises you otherwise.

    • Older siblings and parents who are not taking the class should not be present in the room (or able to view the class), unless requested by the teacher.

    • The class will have children and adults of different ages. Please take care to be sensitive and aware of what you might say or do.

    • Please come to your classes dressed as if you are going to Bhavan.

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